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Dunroamin K9 Rescue Mission

Our mission is to rescue and re-home in loving forever homes as many dogs as possible with the limited funds and resources we have at this very early stage of the groups existence. The group members collectively have many years of experience in the rescue and re-homing of abandoned and abused dogs and we are all to familiar with the tears and JOY that come with the territory. We all love dogs, in fact between the members of dunroamin K9 rescue we have many dogs of our own. As for the endless abandoned and abused dogs in pounds and rescue centres and even in some peoples back gardens we all think that they deserve life, and a second chance to live that life in a loving forever home. You will read the term "loving forever home" a lot on our web site because we are not about looking back on the life that a doggie guest of ours has had, this is sometimes far too upsetting and non productive, we like to focus on the future, the future of the dogs that just need yours and our help to find love and all the things that go with that.
Meet Rosie

Rosie is a lovely dog, everyone who has met her say's so. Basically she was looking for a loving forever home simply because her owner could not look after her anymore. No fault of her own.

Rosie was an example of why endless amounts of dogs end up in council pounds and rescue centres and the reason is, "No fault of their own".
Our group wants to give these dogs a chance to live.

Rosie has since been re-homed in her loving forever home but many dogs like Rosie are still waiting. Our Re-homing page has dogs desperately seeking homes and also has links to other rescue centres.